Bijutsu de Meguru Nihon Saihakken ~Ukiyo-e・Nihonga Kara Butsuzo Made~
Book by Wada Ayaka
Native Title 美術でめぐる日本再発見~浮世絵・日本画から仏像まで~
Released March 12, 2016
Publisher Odyssey Books
Cooperation with Wani Books
Wada Ayaka Publications Chronology
Previous Otome no Kaiga Annai (2014)
Bijutsu de Meguru Nihon Saihakken ~Ukiyo-e・Nihonga Kara Butsuzo Made~ (美術でめぐる日本再発見~浮世絵・日本画から仏像まで~; Rediscovering Japan Through Art ~From Ukiyo-e and Japanese Paintings, to Buddhist Sculptures~) is the second art appreciation book by ANGERME leader Wada Ayaka. It was published on March 12, 2016 by Odyssey Books and released by Wani Books.

Compared to her previous book, which largely focused on Western art, this book focuses on Japanese art.


  • The book was produced by Sakurai Takamasa, an idol enthusiast and writer for the website asianbeat, for which Wada also wrote an art history column titled "Ayaka Wada(ANGERME) presents 'Ukiyo-e'" from 2014 to 2015. However, Sakurai passed away on December 4, 2015, before the book was published.[1][2]

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