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Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Medachitaii!!~ (Berryz工房コンサートツアー2009秋 ~目立ちたいっ!!~) is Berryz Koubou's 2009 Fall concert tour. The concert DVD was filmed on November 28, 2009 at Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan. It was released on February 10, 2010.

The DVD ranked at #5 and sold 6,986 copies.



For the Zepp sendai performance on October 17, Tsugunaga Momoko got the flu so she got to rest for one week and wasn't able to attend the concert for that week. There weren't any changes in the schedule. A day after Tsugunaga's flu announced, Natsuyaki Miyabi also got the flu, so she wasn't able to perform on that day too. Again, there weren't any changes. And then, only a few hours later, it was announced that Sugaya Risako and Sudo Maasa had also gotten the flu, so the concert scheduled for October 17 was cancelled and postponed to December 12.

Tsunku wrote in his blog that the girls decided by themselves the program of this concert giving the majority of the ideas, because of that the staff had to change great part of the original plan.

Set ListEdit

  1. OPENING ~ Ryuusei Boy
  2. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
  3. Member Intro VTR: 結婚式みたいな幼少からの写真とナレーション (wedding photobook style visual, from young berryz till current berryz)
  4. Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama
  5. MC
  7. Munasawagi Scarlet
  8. Skit - Lunch Time chat
  9. Ohiru no Kyuukeijikan // Tokunaga Chinami (Shimizu Saki, Tsugunaga Momoko and Sudo Maasa dialogue)
  10. Otoko no Ko // Natsuyaki Miyabi & Kumai Yurina
  11. Halation Summer // Shimizu Saki, Tsugunaga Momoko, Sudo Maasa, Sugaya Risako
  12. Seishun Oodoori
  13. MC - Sudo Maasa: あなたならこんな時どう目立つ?
  14. Dschinghis Khan (Beatboxing in the middle of the song)
  15. Seishun Bus Guide
  16. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba // Sudo Maasa, Natsuyaki Miyabi, TokunagaChinami
  17. Baka ni Shinaide
  18. VERY BEAUTY // Tsugunaga Momoko
  19. Special Generation (Tsugunaga Momoko enters in the middle of the song)
  20. Nigiyaka na Fuyu
  21. MC - Shimizu Saki & Tsugunaga Momoko: メンバーの裏情報
  22. Special Medley
  23. MC
  24. Suhada Pichipichi
  25. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance
  26. Rival
  27. HAPPY! Stand Up
  28. MC
  29. CLAP!

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