For the song by Kobushi Factory, see Kore Kara da! / Ashita Tenki ni Naare.
Ashita Tenki ni Naare!
Regular Edition
Solo Photobook by Kudo Haruka
Native Title あした天気になーれ!
Released September 27, 2014
Publisher Wani Books
Photographer Nakayama Masafumi
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Ashita Tenki ni Naare! (あした天気になーれ!; Tomorrow Will Be a Beautiful Day!) is Kudo Haruka's second solo photobook. It was released on September 27, 2014.

Photobook PreviewEdit


  • The photographs were shot in Okinawa.
  • A preview of the photobook was featured in the September 2014 issue of UTB magazine}
  • The making of the photobook is included in Kudo's solo image DVD Simple.

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