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Arihara Kanna (有原栞菜), now simply known as Kanna (栞菜), is a freelance Japanese actress. She is a former member of Hello! Project group ℃-ute and previously acted under Toki Entertainment.

She originally joined Hello! Project as a member of Hello Pro Egg in 2004 and was added to ℃-ute on January 2, 2006. On July 9, 2009, she resigned from the group and Hello! Project without a graduation ceremony. A year later, Arihara made her return to entertainment as a stage actress.


Arihara Kanna, 2018

Arihara Kanna, 2016

Arihara Kanna, 2014

Arihara Kanna, March 2013

Arihara Kanna, May 2012

Arihara Kanna, June 2011

Arihara Kanna, June 2010

Arihara Kanna, January 2009

Arihara Kanna, November 2008

Arihara Kanna, July 2008

Arihara Kanna, April 2008

Arihara Kanna, March 2008

Arihara Kanna, February 2008

Early Life[]

Arihara Kanna was born on June 15, 1993 in Kanagawa, Japan to a couple whose names are undisclosed.


Arihara Kanna joined Hello! Project in 2004 after passing the Hello Pro Egg audition.[1] She later became a member of the Hello Pro Egg unit Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai.

On January 2, 2006, it was announced during the Hello! Project 2006 Winter ~Wonderful Hearts~ concert, that Arihara would join ℃-ute as an eighth member.[2] This made her the only group member that was not from Hello! Project Kids.

In February 2006, she became a member of the Little Gatas futsal team, then joined Gatas Brilhantes H.P. as a reserve player in December 2007.


On January 22, Arihara left the Gatas Brilhantes H.P. futsal team.[3]

On February 26, it was announced that Arihara was having difficulty performing onstage due to having a bunion deformity, and would not be able to attend the HELLO! 10TH PARTY2 ~Hello Pro Kanshasai~ event that week. She would also be absent from Hello! Project activities, including activities in ℃-ute, while receiving treatment and the rest of ℃-ute had to keep performing as a 6-member band, releasing two singles without her.[4][5]

On July 9, after a four month absence, Arihara decided to resign from ℃-ute and Hello! Project because she no longer wanted to be part of the idol world and wanted to return to the life of a normal girl.[6][1][7]

However, news blog cyzo woman claimed that the bunion was not the only reason why Arihara left Hello! Project and believed that it was also a result of a scandal which came to light almost a year earlier in the summer of 2008, when the magazine BUBKA published photos of Arihara on a date with Johnny's Entertainment member Hashimoto Ryosuke, which neither of their agencies gave a response to.[8]


Arihara made a return to the public eye in early 2010, when Umeda Erika revealed on her blog that they were still in touch with each other.[9][10]

On May 31, Arihara opened an official Ameba blog.[11]

On June 24, she became a talent under BLUE ROSE with her stage name simply becoming Kanna.[12] Arihara planned to resuming activities as a stage actress.


Arihara starred in a direct-to-video movie produced by ZEN PICTURES titled Joshikousei Tokumu Sousakan Nagi and Saya, which was released July 22.[13]


From January 6 to January 11, Arihara performed in Quantum Dolls, alongside fellow former Hello! Project member Sudo Maasa, which she portrayed the character Asamiya Mayumi.[14]

At the end of January, Arihara ended her contract with BLUE ROSE.[15] She also decided to close her Ameba blog in relation to her departure from the agency, but would continue using Twitter.[16]

On March 18, she joined Toki Entertainment.[17]


In February 2017, Kanna had a small part in a film called Futsuu Ja Nai Shokugyou (Not an Ordinary Line of Work).

In March, she reprised the role of Himari (/Mikaela) in Shubester's Promise (the third play in the series, “Assault Lily x Ludvico's Private Girls School”) at The Pocket Theatre, in Nakano. (she had also appeared in the second play in that series, Shubester’s Secret, in September 2016)

In June, she played the female lead in Good and Evil (the third play in the “Tribe” series), which was staged at the Rikkoukai Hall, in Kitashinagawa.

In July, she held a Birthday Event at Tangerine, a club in Shibuya. The event was held a month late, due to her commitments acting in Good and Evil during her actual birthday.

She appeared in Koi-suru Anchihiirou (An Anti-Hero in Love) in October, an action-comedy, staged at the Shinjuku Star-field theatre.

She concluded a busy end to the year by immediately going into a role in another play in November, titled Reality Not Realistic, before taking a role in the December production of Hebi no Ashu (Serpent Sub-Species) (Kanna was part of the "Team B" cast, appearing in select performances between 21st and 26th December).


On September 22, she appeared as a guest at Okai Chisato FC Live ② ~Katte ni Hello Pro 20 Shuunen Omedetou! 2007-2012~ alongside Umeda Erika.


On February 1, Kanna announced on social media that her contract with Toki Entertainment ended on January 31st, 2021. She plans to continue as a freelance entertainer.[18][19]

Personal Life[]

When Arihara joined Hello Pro Egg, she was a fifth year elementary school student.

Arihara Kanna was named after her mother's favorite flower, canna. Coincidentally, Umeda Erika was also named after her mother's favorite flower, erica.

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Arihara Kanna:

  • Kanna-chan (かんな): Official nickname, given her since joining Hello Pro Egg. Used by members and fans.
  • Kan-kan (かんかん): MC Makoto gave her the nickname "Kan-kan".


  • Favorite Food: Melon, ume, chicken
  • Favorite Subject: Music
  • Favorite Sport: Soccer
  • Looks Up To: Yaguchi Mari

  • Discography[]

    Solo DVDs[]


    • [2011.01.27] Smile Again
    • [2011.06.22] Ano Toki

    Collabration DVDs[]

    • [2007.09.26] Dai 1 Kai Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen ~Saru no Koku~ / ~Tori no Koku~

    Dicography Featured In[]

  • [2007] Bokura no Kagayaki (with Umeda Erika and Okai Chisato)
  • [2008] Sweeeets (with Okai Chisato)
  • [2009] Aishiteru Aishiteru (with Nakajima Saki)

  • Photobooks[]

    Solo Photobooks[]


    1. [2010.12.18] Kanna (かんな)

    Solo Events[]

    1st Event (2008.06.??)[]

    • Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi (付き合っているのに片思い) by Berryz Koubou
    • Suppin to Namida (スッピンと涙。) by Goto Maki
    • I WISH by Morning Musume

    2nd Event (2008.09.??)[]

    • Otome COCORO (乙女COCORO) by °C-ute
    • Mikan (みかん) by Morning Musume



    • [2011.02.03] Hiromi-kun! Zenkoku Sou Banchou e no Michi (ヒロミくん!全国総番長への道)
    • [2011.07.22] Joshikosei Tokumu Sousakan Nagi and Saya (女子高生特務捜査官)
    • [2011] lacrimal (short film)
    • [2011] Gekiatsu ~Midsummer's Etude~ (ゲキアツ〜真夏のエチュード〜)
    • [2011] Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker・Deadly Night Shade (時空警察ヴェッカー・デッドリーナイトシェイド)
    • [2011] TF
    • [2012] Soup ~Umarekawari no monogatari~ (スープ〜生まれ変わりの物語〜)
    • [2013] Battle of Hiromi-kun! ~The High School SAMURAI BOY~ (バトル・オブ・ヒロミくん! 〜The High School SAMURAI BOY〜)
    • [2013] Real jin okami game (リアル人狼ゲーム)
    • [2013] Gebaruto (ゲバルト)
    • [2013] 00 (Zero Zero) (00(ゼロゼロ))
    • [2014] Kekkon zenya (結婚前夜)
    • [2014] Hiromi-kun! 3 Osoroshi Yama no Bourei Banchou (ヒロミくん! 3 恐ろし山の亡霊番長)

    TV Programs[]

    Music Videos[]

    • [2012] Ame Nochi Hare (雨のち晴れ) - Idol College[20]


    • [2011-2012] New BanPresto News (バンプレちゃんねる) (as MC)


    Neruko wa ℃-uteKeitai Shosetsuka

    • [2007] Neruko wa ℃-ute
    • [2008] Keitai Shosetsuka
    • [2010.10.15] ALICE in Deadly School (アリスインデッドリースクール) (as a guest)
    • [2011.02.03-06] Rakka Girl (落下ガール)
    • [2011.06.22-26] VAMPIRE HUNTER
    • [2011.08.10-14] Stranger than Paradise ~Deep Love~ (Stranger than Paradise 〜深愛〜)
    • [2011.09.13-18] Kimi wa Shiranai (キミハ・シラナイ)
    • [2011.11.01-16] Jikuu keisatsu Wecker x Noel Cendre (時空警察ヴェッカーχ ノエルサンドレ)
    • [2012.01.11-15] Sorairo drop (空色ドロップ)
    • [2012.03.05] Shin tanabata densetsu "Kiraboshi tennyo" (新・七夕伝説「煌星★天女」)
    • [2012.04.12] Gekka no Orchestra (月下のオーケストラ) (as guest)
    • [2012.04.18] #02 "Book Gallery Cafe -Grimm no mori-" (#02「Book Gallery Cafe-グリムの森-」) (as a guest)
    • [2012.05.22-27] Momotaro gaiden ~Rising hero~ (桃太郎外伝〜ライズアップヒーロー!〜)
    • [2012.07.19-29] GO,JET!GO!GO!Vol.5 ~namida no dorai matini girl ni rival shutsugen~ (GO,JET!GO!GO!Vol.5 〜涙のドライマティーニ ガールズにライバル出現!?〜)
    • [2012.11.21-25] Last holiday ~Owaranai uta~ (ラスト ホリディ 〜終わらない歌〜)
    • [2012.12.18-23] Sengoku korin GIRL (戦国降臨GIRL)
    • [2013.03.22] ALICE in Deadly School Orutanatibu (アリスインデッドリースクール オルタナティブ) (as guest)
    • [2013.04.17-21] Henachoko Venus (へなちょこヴィーナス)
    • [2013.06.05-09] SING!
    • [2013.07.03-07] Sengoku korin girls (戦国降臨ガールズ)
    • [2013.08.09] ASU (as guest)
    • [2013.08.14-18] Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker 1983 (時空警察ヴェッカー1983)
    • [2013.11.13-17] Wakasa hime monogatari -Tanegashima kara mirai e- (若狭姫物語 -種子島から未来へ-)
    • [2013.12.06-09] Crossing, Christmas, Clearance.
    • [2013.12.23] Samurai Cowboy (サムライカウボーイ)
    • [2014.02.06-17] Kofuku (hapiness) record (幸福(ハピネス)レコード)
    • [2014.02.21-22] Nekketsu seishun gassho monogatari "Dream kuresshendo" dai 1 sho (熱血青春合唱物語『ドリームクレッシェンド!!!』第1章)
    • [2014.03.12-16] Kaminari ke oka ni yuki ga furu (雷ヶ丘に雪が降る)
    • [2014.04.09-13] Gyakuten saiban ~Gyakuten no spotlight~ (逆転裁判 〜逆転のスポットライト〜)
    • [2014.05.28-06.01] Copyright.
    • [2014.07.16-21] Kizame, waga ga hada ni kun no ibuki wo (刻め、我ガ肌ニ君ノ息吹ヲ)
    • [2014.10.01-05] Pirates of the Desert 2 ~Akatsuki-koku no Rougoku~ (Pirates of the Desert 2 〜アカツキ国の牢獄〜)
    • [2014.10.29-11.03] Sengoku Kourin GIRL・ReBirth (戦国降臨ガール・ReBirth)
    • [2014.12.17-21] Seven Friends ・ Seven Minutes (セブンフレンズ・セブンミニッツ)
    • [2015.01.30-02.01] Nostalgia Note 『Hishou』 (Nostalgia Note「飛翔」)


    • [2011.01.29-02.05] Love YOKOHAMA
    • [2011.02.06-27] Aigaku Ooedo Idol Gakuen (アイガク 大江戸アイドル学園)
    • [2011.07.10;17;31] Tokyo Idol Collection (Tokyoアイドルコレクション)


    • She is the only member from -ute to not be from the Hello Project Kids Audition.
    • Her favorite school subject was music.
    • Has said the Hello! Project member she respects the most is Yaguchi Mari.
    • She is a fan of the Korean pop girl group Wonder Girls. As seen on her blog, she had bought merchandise from the group.
    • In Yorosen!, she taught ℃-ute and Michishige Sayumi about art.
    • It was discovered that Umeda Erika and Arihara were still in contact, after a Twitter post made by Umeda.

    See Also[]


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