Aratamemashite, THE Possible Desu! ~Nyuumon Hen Best~
Best Album by THE Possible
Native title あらためまして、THE ポッシボーです! 〜入門編ベスト〜
Released February 20, 2013
Genre J-Pop
Format CD album
Recorded 2006-2012
Label Victor Entertainment
THE Possible Albums Chronology
Previous ② Shiawase no Akashi 2nd album (2012)
Next 1116 3rd album (2014)

Aratamemashite, THE Possible Desu! ~Nyuumon Hen Best~ (あらためまして、THE ポッシボーです! 〜入門編ベスト〜) is the second best album by THE Possible, and their first under Victor Entertainment. It was released on February 20, 2013. The album contains a hidden 16th track.


THE Posssible promoting album


  1. Watashi no Miryoku (私の魅力)
  2. Tabi no Mannaka (旅の真ん中)
  3. Aishite GIVE ME (愛してGIVE ME)
  4. Denkousekka Baby! (電光石火Baby!)
  5. Ijiwaru Crazy love (いじわるCrazy love)
  6. Otome Nazo Nazo (乙女ナゾナゾ)
  7. HAPPY 15
  8. Family ~Tabidachi no Asa~ (Family~旅立ちの朝~)
  9. Love Message! (ラヴメッセージ!)
  10. Sayounara Nante (サヨウナラなんて)
  11. LOVE^2 Paradise (LOVE2 パラダイス)
  12. Kibou to Seishun no Hikari (希望と青春のヒカリ)
  13. Shiawase no Katachi (幸せの形)
  14. Young DAYS!! (ヤングDAYS!!)
  15. Sakurairo no Romantic (桜色のロマンチック)

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