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Apuga Yabai (アプガヤバイ) is Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)'s 1st mini album. It was released on January 25, 2022. This is their first album released since their system change, and subsequently the first album to feature Furuya Yurika, Suzuki Meina, Kudo Sumire, Suzuki Ayu, Koyama Seina, Aoyagi Yume, and Sumida Haruka.[1] "Alstroemeria" was pre-released digitally on December 27, 2021.[2] "Up↑Up↑Up↑" was pre-released digitally on January 15, 2022.[3] "Bokura no Voyage" was pre-released digitally on January 20, 2022.[4]

The first six songs in the album were the winning songs from a music contest called Apuga no Yabai Ongaku Contest held by entertainer Dinoji and Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) through Eggs, a music platform focused on supporting new artists. It also contains a new song "Bokura no Voyage", as well as instrumentals for all seven songs.[5]



【MUSIC VIDEO】Up↑Up↑Up↑【アップアップガールズ(仮)】


アルストロメリア/アップアップガールズ(仮)【MUSIC VIDEO】


僕らのVoyage /アップアップガールズ(仮)【MUSIC VIDEO】


パーリースタリー/アップアップガールズ(仮)【MUSIC VIDEO】


今日も私が冴え渡る/アップアップガールズ(仮)【MUSIC VIDEO】


野性神風燃ゆ戦場/アップアップガールズ(仮)【MUSIC VIDEO】


24-7/アップアップガールズ(仮)【MUSIC VIDEO】

  1. Alstroemeria (アルストロメリア)
  2. Up↑Up↑Up↑
  3. Kyou mo Watashi ga Saewataru (今日も私が冴え渡る)
  4. Yasei Kamikaze Moyu Senjou (野性神風燃ゆ戦場)
  5. 24/7
  6. Pearly Starry (パーリースタリー)
  7. Bokura no Voyage (僕らのVoyage)
  8. Alstroemeria (Instrumental)
  9. Up↑Up↑Up↑ (Instrumental)
  10. Kyou mo Watashi ga Saewataru (Instrumental)
  11. Yasei Kamikaze Moyu Senjou (Instrumental)
  12. 24/7 (Instrumental)
  13. Pearly Starry (Instrumental)
  14. Bokura no Voyage (Instrumental)

Featured Members[]

Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) promoting the album

Album Information[]

  • Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: StudyWho
  • Music Video Director: Hasegawa Asgar (Theme: Airband)
  • Choreography: Kamiya Saki
  • Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: Yuta.Uematsu
Kyou mo Watashi ga Saewataru
  • Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: Yasugomori
  • Music Video Director: Takano Eito (Theme: Youth)
  • Choreography: Kamiya Saki
Yasei Kamikaze Moyu Senjou
  • Lyrics: Kimura Jun
  • Composition: Utagawa Kasuhiko
  • Arrangement: michitomo
  • Music Video Director: Ogi Shotaro (Theme: Horror)
  • Choreography: Kamiya Saki
  • Lyrics and Composition: kaz104, tomo
  • Arrangement: Re;TroK
  • Music Video Director: Matsuura Chihiro (Theme: One-Cut)
  • Choreography: Makita Sako
Pearly Starry
  • Lyrics and Composition: Kuramochi Toshinori
  • Arrangement: KG
  • Music Video Director: Watanabe Kosaku (Theme: All Combined)
  • Choreography: Shiono Takuya
Bokura no Voyage
  • Lyrics: Tamaki Michiru
  • Composition and Arrangement: fu_mou
  • Music Video Director: Kuwata Kou (Theme: Art)
  • Choreography: Tayuka


  • The MVs for the other six songs aside from "Up↑Up↑Up↑" were all filmed on the same day and assigned a different director, a unique theme, and a specific member in charge. They were simultaneously uploaded to YouTube on March 26, 2022, and the director who produced the MV with the highest views as of 23:59 JST on April 16, 2022 got to produce Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)'s next MV.[6]

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