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Appare Kaitenzushi! (あっぱれ回転ずし!; Bravo Conveyor Belt Sushi!) is the debut single of Muten Musume, an all-member unit from Morning Musume. Appare Kaitenzushi! is used to promote Sushi culture around the world and the promotion of a sushi chain in Kansai. This was released in two different CD only versions, with the limited edition coming with a 24-page photo booklet.

The single was part of a promotion campaign for the Muten Kura Sushi shop. There were editions only available for purchase through the Kura Sushi shops limited to 3,000 copies each. At first only one version was available at shops (sold as early as October 8, 2010) but it sold out quickly, so they made another 3,000 copies with a different cover available October 29 through November 4, 2010. Both of these limited editions came with trading cards of the members (both in real and animated form) not available anywhere else.



Muten Musume (Morning Musume) - Appare Kaitenzushi! (MV)

Muten Musume - Appare Kaitenzushi! PV

  1. Appare Kaitenzushi!
  2. Kura Sushi Bikkurapon! (くら寿司 ビッくらポン!)
  3. Appare Kaitenzushi!(Instrumental)
  4. Kura Sushi Bikkurapon!(Instrumental)

Featured Members[]

Muten Musume promoting single

Single Information[]

Appare Kaitenzushi!
Kura Sushi Bikkurapon!

Concert Performances[]

Appare Kaitenzushi!


  • The single, as well as the unit Muten Musume, was part of a promotion campaign for the conveyor belt sushi shop, Muten Kura Sushi (無添くら寿司). "Appare Kaitenzushi!" was played in shops before the unit was even announced.

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 6 14 15 15 25 16 13 7,336
- - - - - - - 70 1,129
- - - - - - - 165 394
- - - - - - - 157 396

Total Reported Sales: 9,235


  • From October 27 to December 16, 2010, all Kura Sushi stores offered a discount to customers who presented the CD's obi.

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