Aoi Sports Car no Otoko (青いスポーツカーの男; A Guy With a Blue Sports Car) is the first and only single released by Aoiro 7. It was released on March 8, 2000

The single reached #4 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for nine weeks, selling 385,540 copies. That earned Aoiro 7 third place in the shuffle competition.


Aoiro 7 - Aoi Sports Car no Otoko (MV)

Aoiro 7 - Aoi Sports Car no Otoko (MV)

  1. Aoi Sports Car no Otoko
  2. Hello! no Theme (Aoiro 7 version) (Hello!のテーマ(青色7 Version); Hello's Theme Song)
  3. Aoi Sports Car no Otoko (Instrumental)

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Aoiro 7 2609

Aoiro 7 promoting single

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All lyrics and composition by Tsunku
Aoi Sports Car no Otoko
Hello! no Theme (Aoiro 7 version)

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Aoi Sports Car no Otoko

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Aoi Sports Car no Otoko
Hello! no Theme


Tsunku's comments: "I've held a special event for those who have been very supportive of Michiyo Heike, Morning Musume, Taiyo To Ciscomoon, and Coconut Musume. It's like an event to return favors to the fans. Last summer and this January, we've held the collective concerts. I felt very special when I saw the members who seldom saw each other gathered together and made efforts to create one great show. My theme for this time is, "How do I express the same energy into the sound?" The unit consists of Yaguchi and Iida from Tanpopo, Ichii who has become hugely successful in Petitmoni, Inaba who can dance very well in Taiyou to Ciscomoon, Kominato who has returned from her illness [he is referring to her absence from Taiyou to Ciscomoon's 6th single], Mika from Coconuts Musume, and Lehua who is a brand new member. I am expecting a huge growth from each performer. The reason I named the unit Ao (= blue) was because of its fresh, speedy image. The unit has many girls, but that's why the energy and speed literally jumps out of them and reach out to people. I hope they can perform digital-punk style well. I'm sure they will do fine though."


  • Sharam Q member Makoto is featured in the music video.
  • The B-side is the opening and ending theme to Hello! Project’s talk show Hello! Morning. Originally sung by all the girls, but the version on this single is sung by only the girls in Aoiro 7.
  • 1st press: one ouit of three trading cards.

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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - 4 217,280

Total Reported Sales: 385,540

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