Aoi Kuma
Album by Ishii Rika
Native title あおいくま
Released September 3, 2010
Genre J-pop, Ballad
Format CD
Label Geedes records

Aoi Kuma (あおいくま; Blue Bear) is Ishii Rika's debut album.

The album title comes from a phrase her father taught her. She said in a 2014 interview: "This phrase that my father taught me has always given me strength, 'aoi kuma': Aseranai (Don’t panic), Okarani (Don’t get angry), Ibaranai (Don’t be prideful), Kusaranai (Don’t despair), Makenai (Don’t give up). With these words in my heart, I will continue to devote myself to bringing songs to you."

The album was released on September 3rd, 2010, on the record label GeeDees records. Out of the 11 tracks, 3 of the songs are new tracks.

The song Boku no Michi was used as theme song for Asahi University; Wedding Story and Kimi no Sora e Utaitsudzuku were used in commercials for Akita View Hotel, and "Anata ga Itsumo Kokoro no Soko Kara Tanoshimeru Koto wo Negattemasu." was used in a commercial for Nippon Game Card. It is the first time these songs have been released on CD.

Some of the songs on this album have appeared on previous releases: Akai Tsuki can be found on the single Fuyu no Ashioto, Rainbow Rain on the compilation album ( Presents) Such A Beautiful Girl Like You, Kokoro can be found on the single Ao, and Niji-iro no Kutsu can be found on the single Niji-iro Button. These songs are probably re-recorded and re-arranged.

A promo CD+DVD (not for sale) has also been issued. It was released in 2010, and was distributed in small quantities for Akita View Hotel in connection with the provision of the songs made for their commercials. It has the songs Wedding Story, Kimi no Sora e Utaitsudzuku, and Hibiki and the PVs for Wedding Story and Kimi no Sora e Utaitsudzuku.


  1. Boku no Michi (僕の道; My Path)
  2. Wedding Story
  3. Kimi no Sora e Utai Tsudzuku (君の空へ詩いつづく; The Poem Continues to Your Sky)
  4. Akai Tsuki
  5. "Anata ga Itsumo Kokoro no Soko Kara Tanoshimeru Koto wo Negattemasu." (「あなたがいつもこころの底から楽しめることを願ってます。」; "I Hope from the Bottom of My Heart That You Can Always Enjoy.")
  6. Rainbow Rain
  7. Lose of Control
  8. Kokoro
  9. Nana-iro no Kutsu
  10. You no Ataru Hou e (陽のあたるほうへ; Toward You (standing) in the Sunshine)
  11. Hibiki (響き; Echo)

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  • First-press edition came housed in a special paper package.


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