Single by Ishii Rika
Native title
Released August 9, 2006
Genre J-pop, Ballad
Format CD single
Length 19:00
Label Japan Digital Communications Corp.
Ishii Rika Singles Chronology
Previous Kotoshima (1st Indies Single (2003)
Next Kimi wo Sagashiteru 1st Event Single (2007)

Ao (蒼; Blue/Ripe/Immature//Young) is Ishii Rika‘s second single after leaving Hello! Project, and her last released under the record label BM.3. It was released over three years after her previous single, Kotoshima.

Unlike her previous release, this was released as her major debut single, available for sale everywhere.

Songs from this single was used in the horror movie zoku, starring Rika Ishii.


  1. Kokoro (こころ; Feelings)
  2. Aoi no Koro (蒼の頃; When I Was Young)
  3. Jiro-san (次郎さん; Mr. Jiro)

Single InformationEdit


  • Arranged By – Kamata Masato
  • Lyrics By, Composed By – Ishii Rika
  • Recording & Mix Engineer – Hanaki Hideyuki (SOUND CREW STUDIO)
  • Acoustic Piano, Programming, Sound Producer – Kamata Masato

Ao no Koro

  • Arranged By – Takahiro Yamautsuri
  • Lyrics By, Composed By – Ishii Rika
  • Mix Engineer – Takamura Masaki
  • Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Bass – Miyamoto Masayuki (MUTANT)
  • Guitar – Narikawa Masanori
  • Piano – Wada Haruhiko
  • Programming – Yamautsuri Takahiro


  • Arranged By – Yamautsuri Takahiro
  • Lyrics By, Composed By – Ishii Rika
  • Cello – Shika Udai
  • Recording & Mix Engineer – Miyamoto Masayuki (MUTANT)
  • Guitar – Narikawa Masanori
  • Programimng – Takahiro Yamauturi

Credits Edit

  • Design – Kon Tesun (JDC)
  • Mastering Engineer – Aikawa Yoichi
  • Executive Producer – Kawanashi Shingo
  • Artist Management – Okonogi Syunichi(JDC)*
  • Photographer – Inose Norico
  • Release Operator – Fukuda Naoya(JDC)*



"I’ve sung this song in concert several times before, so maybe some of you remember it. There are so many people and we have all different bodies, different faces, different feelings but we all live in the same time. Please have a look at my feelings. If some of them reached yours as well, that’s the beginning of a new encounter."

Ao no Koro

"This song was the beginning to everything this time around: "Youthful days." This song was born when song producer Suzuki Kenji and music arranger Yamautsuri Takahiro helped me open the door to my own youthful days, which I had always been unable to do. The wounds I didn’t want for anyone to touch have been kept hidden up until when I started writing this song and put all of those feelings into it. I want you to feel and get a touch of a new side of me through this song."


"I met him when I was just walking aimlessly around Shinjuku as per usual. We walked different roads and lived different days, but he’s very important to me and we wish for the same thing. Please meet him, Jiro, in this song."[1]


  • Kokoro (こころ) can mean Heart, Mind, Spirit.[2]
  • 蒼 (ao) literary means Blue / Green, but can also mean Unripe / Immature / Young.[3]
  • Ishii released Chinrenka in 2015, which also was marketed as her major debut single.

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