Airi Mania
Style Book by Suzuki Airi
Native Title あいりまにあ
Released May 23, 2017
Publisher Shufu no Tomo
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Airi Mania (あいりまにあ) is the second style book by Suzuki Airi. It was published on May 23, 2017 by Shufu no Tomo.[1]

Official DescriptionEdit

With ℃-ute's dissolution in June 2017, Suzuki Airi releases her first style book in three years. After graduating from university and the group's graduation ahead of her, she is photographed entering her new stage in life as an adult.

There is a long interview about memories of university life she has never talked about until now and the conflicts she has had as an idol for 12 years.

The book is fully loaded with up to 30 personal outfits, self-makeup techniques, private shots, childhood photos, etc., her continued work as a model for a women's magazine, and life-sized fashion and beauty info.

This book has everything until now about Suzuki Airi that both men and women can enjoy.

Book PreviewEdit

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Weekly Fashion Ranking
Week Rank Sales Ref
1 6,193 [2]
Out for 2 weeks
10 1,239 [3]
10 1,045 [4]
Unknown number of weeks 2,053

Total reported sales: 10,530*


  • An release event for the book was held on May 23, 2017 at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA.[5][6]


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