Aikawa Maho (相川茉穂) is a model currently under N・F・B. She was also a former Japanese pop singer as a third generation member of ANGERME under Hello! Project.[1][2] She originally joined Hello! Project as a Hello Pro Kenshuusei, and was introduced on May 4, 2014 at the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2014 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~.

On January 11, 2017, she publicly disclosed her struggles with panic disorder, and announced that she would be going on hiatus to seek treatment. On December 31, 2017, it was announced that she had decided to graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project, after having been on hiatus for nearly a year.[3]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Aikawa Maho, October 2016

Aikawa Maho, April 2016

Aikawa Maho, November 2015

Aikawa Maho, July 2015

Aikawa Maho, February 2015

Aikawa Maho, October 2014

Aikawa Maho, May 2014

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Aikawa Maho was born on March 26, 1999 in Kanagawa, Japan.[2]

Aikawa began practicing ballet when she was in her first year of elementary school.

2013[edit | edit source]

Aikawa auditioned for Morning Musume 12ki Member "Mirai Shoujo" Audition for an opportunity to join Morning Musume, but failed.

2014[edit | edit source]

On April 1, Aikawa successfully passed an audition to join Hello Pro Kenshuusei.[2][4] She was introduced as a 21st generation member at the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2014 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ event on May 4th alongside Takemura Miu and Saito Kana.

On October 4, it was announced during the SMILE FANTASY! stage-play that Aikawa was selected to join S/mileage as a 3rd generation member, along with Murota Mizuki and Sasaki Rikako,[1][2] subsequently leaving Hello Pro Kenshuusei.[5]

From December 3 to December 11, Aikawa participated in a stage play Kurukuru to Shi to Shitto, along with Niigaki Risa, Kikkawa Yuu, Hello! Pro Kenshuusei member Yamagishi Riko and Country Girls member Yamaki Risa.

2016[edit | edit source]

In March, Aikawa released her first solo e-Hello! Blu-ray titled Greeting ~Aikawa Maho~.

On March 28, Aikawa celebrated her 17th birthday at an event titled ANGERME Aikawa Maho Birthday Event 2016, which featured two shows at TOKYO FM HALL.

2017[edit | edit source]

On January 11, an UP-FRONT PROMOTION representative announced that Aikawa would halt her activities from ANGERME for a while in order to rest and receive treatment for panic disorder.[6][7] She had reported headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathing difficulties and panic attacks which led to her being unable to participate in Hello! Project 2017 WINTER concerts, and her subsequent diagnosis. Aikawa noted that she hopes to help fight the stigma against panic disorder alongside others with the condition.[8]

On March 3, an update was released that Aikawa would continue to be absent for all ANGERME concerts, as well as the Hello! Project Hina Fest 2017, from March to mid-May.[9]

Due to her medical treatment, Aikawa is not featured in ANGERME's 23rd single, "Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai / Namida Iro no Ketsui / Majokko Megu-chan", which was released on June 21.[10]

On July 12, an update was released in which the representative director of UP-FRONT PROMOTION stated that Aikawa wants to continue her activities in ANGERME, but must continue resting until the end of their 2017 fall tour. The company would have a discussion with Aikawa and her family to decide what will happen in the future while looking at her progress and the doctor's diagnosis.[11] Aikawa has said her panic attacks have been decreasing after half a year. She was unable to leave the house from January to March, but has been getting better by going out little by little and taking a university entrance exam. At the start of university she worried about an attack occurring, however, her anxiety lessened because of the pleasant environment. She has been in contact with the other ANGERME members and recently met with Kamikokuryo Moe. Although the doctor diagnosed that she is able to spend her daily life without any trouble, she still needs to be careful about straining herself under times of pressure. Therefore she would continue resting and asked everyone to wait a while longer.

On December 31, an announcement was posted to the Hello! Project website, stating that Aikawa Maho had decided to graduate from both ANGERME and Hello! Project.[3] After her graduation, she continued with her university education, majoring in photography, and opened up a personal Instagram account.

2020[edit | edit source]

On September 2, her profile was added to the official website for the modeling agency N・F・B, revealing she had signed with the company as a model.[12]

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

She has two pet cats named Lucy and Min.

When Aikawa joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei in April 2014, she was a third year middle school student. She graduated from high school in March 2016. She began university in April 2017, majoring in photography.[11]

Aikawa most notably gets along with Nakanishi Kana,[13] and her generation mates Murota Mizuki and Sasaki Rikako.

  • Aiai (あいあい): Official nickname, given to her since joining Hello Pro Kenshuusei.[14]
  • Maho-chan (茉穂ちゃん): Another nickname for Aikawa Maho.[4]
  • Gochi (ごち): Another nickname for Aikawa Maho. Given to her by Sasaki Rikako, because she always ends her blog posts with "Gochi". An abbreviated form of Gochisousama deshita. Which is what one usually says after eating.

Profile[edit | edit source]

  • Specialty: Classical ballet[2]
  • Hobbies: Napping,[14] Eating[2]
  • Motto: "Sente wa mante" (先手は万手; the first blow is half the battle)[14]
  • Favorite Phrase: "Thanks for the food!"
  • What's something you like to say? "Nemui" (I'm sleepy)
  • Favorite Subject: Art[4]
  • Favorite Colors: Yellow,[14] Pink[14]
  • Favorite Sport: Classical ballet[14]
  • Favorite Food: Karaage[4]
  • Favorite ANGERME songs: "Yuugure Koi no Jikan",[4] "Uchouten LOVE"
  • Looks up to: Hagiwara Mai[4]

Discography[edit | edit source]

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Radio[edit | edit source]

  • [2015–2016] AS1422 (アンジュルムステーション1422)
  • [2016] HELLO! DRIVE! (HELLO! DRIVE! -ハロドラ-) (Thursdays)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She was a member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei for five months, making her the sixth quickest debut from the program.
  • She said she'd like to eat ramen with Nakanishi Kana.
  • Murota Mizuki and Sasaki Rikako slept over at Aikawa's house to get to know each other better.
  • According to Miyamoto Karin, Aikawa loves fried chicken (karaage). Aikawa is a certified Karaagenist, which she passed the test on the Japan KARAAGE Association site.[15] In 2017, she became the #1 ranked Karaagenist in Japan.[16]
  • She wanted to have yellow as her image color, but it was Katsuta Rina's color.
  • If she could join another group, she would have join ℃-ute.
  • She is a big fan of Ultraman, and frequently collects Ultraman merchandise. Especially merchandise of the uchuu-jin.
  • She is a huge astronomy enthusiast, and especially loves the moon. She keeps track of it's phases and frequently takes pictures of the moon through her telescope, posting it on her blog afterwards.
  • Because of her spacey personality, and hobbies, other members jokingly call her an alien. 
  • In Fukuda Kanon's final interview before her graduation, she had this to say about Aikawa: "She’s quite spacy (sic) at the moment, but I feel like she can become any type of person she wants. I want her to have more confidence. If she had confidence I think she would develop at incredible speed."[17]
  • She is the second Hello! Project member to open up about having a mental disorder, the other being Kago Ai, who talked about having depression in a 2008 interview.

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References[edit | edit source]

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