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Group attending LIQUIDROOM Ebisu

From Left to Right:
Iida Kaori, Fujimoto Miki, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Ogawa Makoto, Nakazawa Yuko

Afternoon Musume (アフタヌーン娘δ) was a unit made up of 7 members of Dream Morning Musume, used to promote Georgia Coffee drinks (A Coca Cola Coffee drink). Their single "Gouhoubi no Afternoon Coffee", is a version of Morning Musume's first official single "Morning Coffee", but rearranged in a slower Enka style.

The CM features Afternoon Musume members in a slightly old fashioned building where they provide Georgia Coffee drinks to some actors who are resting. Both Yaguchi Mari and Fujimoto Miki don't appear in the commercial, but their voices are heard in the song. They also made comments on the Georgia Coffee Special Video. [1]

On September 30th, 2010, The special graduated member unit made a special appearance at the LIQUIDROOM Ebisu in Tokyo where the drink was being promoted. For the event, fans were invited to come see the new unit do a mini talk and live that featured the girls, although Yasuda Kei was unable to attend. [2]





  • This group is made up of previous Morning Musume members who are a part of Dream Morning Musume.
  • The single is avaliable on US iTunes Store.


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