Aegekai Aida Shoko & Iida Kaori DVD
DVD by Iida Kaori, Aida Shoko
Native title エーゲ海 相田翔子&飯田圭織DVD
Released February 4, 2004
Genre Non-Music
Format DVD
Label Chichuukai LABEL
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Aegekai Aida Shoko & Iida Kaori DVD (エーゲ海 相田翔子&飯田圭織DVD; The Aegean Sea Shoko Aida & Iida Kaori)  is a DVD issued simultaniously as the photobook The Aegean Sashinshuu. Both releases features Aida Shoko (from Wink) and Iida Kaori (from Morning Musume). They were both active singers on UP-FRONT AGENCY's sub-label Chichukai, which focused primarily on the niche market for Mediterranean music (also called euro-enka).

This DVD features Aida and Iida traveling the country, meeting with the Greek people, experiencing the culture and what the land has to offer, as well as a making-of segment for the sashinshuu.

Description Edit

Two people in the land of the 2004 Olympic Games who has been active on the Mediterranean label. Travelling Greece around the country, with magnificent nature and history of the country, the beautiful scenery and culture, they both receive the fresh excitement through the warm interactions with local people. You get to experience the Greek charm through the eyes of two women.

Track ListEdit

  1. Prologue ~Athena no Oka Kara~ (ロローグ〜アテネの丘から; Prologue ~From the Hill of Athena)
  2. Tokai to Kiseki (都会と遺跡; City and Ruins)
  3. Olympics! (オリンピック!)
  4. Plaka no Machi (プラカの街; Plaka Town)
  5. Shopping! (ショッピング!)
  6. Laterna no Oji-san (ラテルナのおじさん; Mister's Lantern)
  7. Fancy Shop de! (ファンシーショップで!; At a Fancy Shop!)
  8. Antique Shop de... (アンティークショップで…); At an Antique Shop...)
  9. Dance no O-sasoi! (ダンスのお誘い!; Invitation to Dance!)
  10. Greece no Kagee (ギリシャの影絵; Greek Shadow Play)
  11. Watashi no Athena (私のアテネ; My Athena)
  12. Santorini e no Fune (サントリーニへの船; Ship to Santorini)
  13. Roba no Se ni Yurarete (ロバの背に揺られて; Swaying on the Back of a Donkey)
  14. Firá No Machi (フィラの街; Firá Town)
  15. Shiroi Kyoukai (白い教会; White Church)
  16. Aegekai No Wine (エーゲ海のワイン; Aegean Wine)
  17. Sekaiichi No Yuuhi (世界一の夕日; The Best Sunset in the World)
  18. Epilogue ~Kokoro no Sketchbook~ (エピローグ〜心のスケッチブック; Epilogue ~Sketchbook of the Heart~)
  19. Making Of (メイキング)

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