Abe Natsumi ~Morning Musume Sotsugyou Memorial~
DVD by Abe Natsumi
Native title 安倍なつみ〜モーニング娘。卒業メモリアル〜
Released July 28, 2004
Format DVD
Length 74 min.
Label zetima zetima
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Abe Natsumi ~Morning Musume Sotsugyou Memorial~ (安倍なつみ〜モーニング娘。卒業メモリアル〜) is a DVD released to celebrate Abe Natsumi and her graduation from Morning Musume. It features interviews, footage of events leading up to her graduation, the other members' messages to her, and more. It was released on July 28, 2004.


  1. Opening (オープニング)
  2. FIRST SINGLE <22sai no Watashi> Hatsubai Kinen Mini Live & Akashukai (FIRST SINGLE<22歳の私>発売記念ミニライブ&握手会; FIRST SINGLE <22sai no Watashi> Launch Event Live & Handshake Event)
  3. Tsunku Interview (つんく♂インタビュー)
  4. Debut Audition no Koro (デビューオーディションの頃; Debut Audition Time)
  5. Morning Musume CONCERT TOUR 2003 15nin de NON STOP! (モーニング娘。CONCERT TOUR 2003 15人でNON STOP!)
  6. Waterfront Park (ウォーターフロントパーク)
  7. 2003~2004nen Morning Musume Sakura Gumi Hatsu Kouen ~Sakura Saku~ (2003〜2004年モーニング娘。さくら組初公演〜さくら咲く〜; )
  8. Fan Kara no Message (ファンからのメッセージ; Messages from the Fans)
  9. Sotsugyou e no Countdown (卒業へのカウントダウン; Countdown to Graduation)
  10. Sotsugyou Made Ato 1nichi (卒業まであと1日; 1 Day Left Until Graduation)
  11. Sotsugyou Toujitsu Yokohama Arena (卒業当日横浜アリーナ; Yokohama Arena on the Day of Graduation)
  12. Nakazawa Yuko Kara no Message (中澤裕子からのメッセージ; Message from Nakazawa Yuko)
  13. Muroran no Tenboudai Nite (室蘭の展望台にて; At Muroran Observatory)

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