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Abe Natsumi (安倍なつみ) is a Japanese singer and actress. She is a former idol under Hello! Project as a founding member of Morning Musume. She was also a solo act during her time in the group and after her graduation. Later, she was also a part of the reunion groups Dream Morning Musume and Morning Musume 20th.

In Morning Musume, she often took the lead in the songs. As a soloist her combined CD and DVD sales exceed 700,000 copies in Japan alone. Abe's highest selling single is "22sai no Watashi".


Abe Natsumi, June 2021

Abe Natsumi, 2015

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Abe Natsumi, 2013

Abe Natsumi, 2012

Abe Natsumi, Fall 2012

Abe Natsumi, July 2012

Abe Natsumi, promoting her photobook Subway, 2012

Abe Natsumi, April 2011

Abe Natsumi, 2010

Abe Natsumi, 2010

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Abe Natsumi, September 2003 in Sakuragumi

Abe Natsumi, July 2003

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Abe Natsumi, August 2002

Abe Natsumi, 2001

Abe Natsumi, 1999

Abe Natsumi, 1998

Early Life[]

Abe Natsumi was born on August 10, 1981 in Muroran, Hokkaido Prefecture.


On June 21, 1997, Abe participated in an audition held in Sapporo called Sharam Q Josei Rock Vocalist Audition. She automatically passed to the final, the only contestant to do so.

On July 29, Abe (along with 10 other people) had made it to the second stage of the audition, and was sent to training camp to practice her singing and dancing skills.

On July 31, they performed on stage in front of an audience, dancing as a group doing a choreography they had been practicing.

On August 3, Abe had made it to the final stage and got to sing on stage in the ASAYAN studio. She lost to Heike Michiyo.

On August 20, Abe, along with Nakazawa Yuko, Ishiguro Aya, Iida Kaori, and Fukuda Asuka, had been invited back to the ASAYAN studio. They had a meeting with Sharam Q and a producer asking them if they wanted to debut as a group on the condition of selling 50.000 copies of a single within five days.

On September 7, Tsunku named the group Morning Musume, and they started voice training, shoot the CD cover for their indies single Ai no Tane, recorded the song, recorded and released the PV before embarking on the task in November.The quintet accomplished that task on November 30, after just 4 days.[1][2]

In December, Morning Musume started recording three songs, where one of them would be released as their debut single in January. Iida Kaori was singing the lead vocals on Morning Coffee, but mid-recording Tsunku changed his mind and chose Abe for lead vocals instead.


On January 28, 1998, Morning Musume released their major debut single, Morning Coffee.


She released her first solo single, "22sai no Watashi," on August 13, just a few days after her 22nd birthday.

Abe also teamed up with Yosumi Keiko, a former member of Rokusenmon, as a so-called "mother and daughter" duo, and released a single to prepare her for her solo efforts.


On January 25, she graduated from Morning Musume to pursue a solo career.

On February 4, her first full length album, Hitoribocchi, was released, containing many solo versions of Morning Musume songs.

In October, Abe joined a unit of Hello! Project soloists, Nochiura Natsumi, which included Goto Maki and Matsuura Aya.

Near the end of the year, Abe Natsumi was accused of plagiarizing lines from popular poems and lyrics and publishing them within her own collections. The allegations cited excerpts from Nacchi, her essay book "Album - 1998–2003," and segments from her radio show where she would recite "original poetry." They were matched with works from Aiko, YUKI, Saeko Nishio, Sakaki Izumi, and Komuro Tetsuya.[3]

Abe released a statement after the scandal, in which she admitted that the works she published were not entirely her own. In her apology, she explained that she was in the habit of keeping a notebook where she would write down phrases or ideas that sounded nice to her. When it came time to write, she would look at her notes without thinking about what inspired them, and accidentally plagiarized the works of others.[4] As a result of the scandal, Abe was pulled from participation in major music programs, including the annual Kouhaku Uta Gassen where she had been scheduled to appear as a member of Nochiura Natsumi.[5]

Prior to the scandal, Abe was scheduled to begin promoting the single "Nariyamai Tambourine." However, the release was canceled during her suspension and would not be released until 2008 on Abe's best album.


In January, fans organized the Nacchi Ouen Messeji Daihitsu Yousei (なっち応援メッセージ代筆要請 Nacchi Support Message Ghostwriter Request) in an attempt to convince Hello! Project management to allow Abe to return to entertainment activities. They asked for fans to submit postcards with supportive messages throughout the month of January, which they would deliver at the finale of Hello! Project 2005 Winter ~A HAPPY NEW POWER!~. In sum, 1550 messages were sent by fans throughout Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan. The individual cards were sent to the fanclub after the organizers decided to scrap their planned presentation at the winter concert finale, citing Iida Kaori's impending graduation as an event that deserved more focus.[6]

Abe returned from suspension in March as she began promoting Nochiura Natsumi Concert Tour 2005 Haru "Triangle Energy". On April 20, she released her comeback single, "Yume Naraba".

In September, she became a member of the Hello! Project special unit DEF.DIVA together with Goto Maki, Ishikawa Rika, and Matsuura Aya. The single, "Takaramono," was also released in November credited as "Sen," who is the main character of the drama "Takaramono," played by Abe.


June saw Abe release "The Stress," a cover of the 1989 song by pop idol Chisato Moritaka.

In October, "Amasugita Kajitsu" was released, reaching 5th on the Oricon Chart, the highest place she achieved since "Koi no Telephone GOAL" in 2004.


From September 27-30, Abe appeared in the stage play "FAR AWAY" alongside Ayaka and Maeda Yuki.[7]

On October 6, Abe was prosecuted after causing a traffic accident. According to police, she was making a right turn out of a car park on Sunday evening when she hit a motorbike. Abe was unhurt, but the motorbike rider suffered minor injuries to his elbow and back. At the time, Abe had her driver's license for less than a year and still had a learner's sticker on her car.


On January 16, Abe collaborated with ℃-ute member Yajima Maimi for the single 16sai no Koi Nante.

On October 5, Abe performed in an event to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sunshine City building in Ikebukuro. She was joined by other artists who were popular in the 1980s, such as Hiroko Moriguchi and Ayumi Nakamura.


On March 31, Abe graduated from Hello! Project along with the rest of Elder Club.


From May 13 to June 21, Abe appeared in the musical Little Shop of Horrors playing the role of Audrey.

From December 22-27, Abe appeared in the stage play "Abe Naikaku" alongside Yasuda Kei and Kusumi Koharu.[8] The play is about the prime minister and politics.

She joined the special unit for former Morning Musume members called Afternoon Musume that promoted Georgia Coffee drinks.


On January 28, it was announced that Abe was part of the OG member group Dream Morning Musume.

In May, it was announced that she would star in the drama adaptation of Arakawa Under the Bridge.

Abe played Lucy in the musical Dracula, based on a musical from Graz, Austria. The musical ran from August 20 to September 18.[9]

Abe held her fanclub tour M-line club presents Abe Natsumi "Dekkaidoo~♪ Hokkaido!! Tour" from November 26 to 28, for 3 days and 2 nights at Hokkaido. [10]


On October 1, she was transferred to UP-FRONT CREATE.


On August 13, Abe released her first self-cover album titled Smile... ♥. This album include a re-arranged and re-recorded version of 10 songs that reflected Abe's history. With the announcement of this album, this was Abe's first solo work in 4 years, her last single being Ameagari no Niji no You ni which was released in September of 2010.


On June 17, Abe released her third original album, Dreams.

On November 14, Abe released her her 12th solo photobook, Fin no Hito.

On December 12, Abe performed at Fuji TV's 2015 FNS Kayousai.[11]

On December 21, it was reported that Abe would be marrying actor Yamazaki Ikusaburo.[12] They first met in July 2011, when they co-starred as a couple in the musical Arashi ga Oka (Wuthering Heights). A tabloid magazine reported a month afterwards in August that the two were dating, but both of their agencies denied they were in a relationship.

On December 29, Abe officially announced on her blog that she had gotten married to Yamazaki that day.[13]


On January 17, it was announced Abe would be leaving the M-line club, along with Fujimoto Miki, as of March.[14]

On February 16, Abe announced she was pregnant with her first child.[15] She gave birth to a boy on July 26.[16]


On May 10, Abe announced she is pregnant with her second child and was due to give birth in the fall.[17]

On October 31, she and her husband made a joint announcement that their second son had been born.[18]


On June 17, it was announced that Abe would return to entertainment for the first time in three years by voicing a role in Paw Patrol the Movie.[19][20]


  • Hobbies: Looking at different fashions, Singing, Smiling, Talking, Poetry, Cooking, Sleeping
  • Favorite words: Freedom, life, love, heart
  • Favorite colors: Baby pink, Blue, sparkling colors
  • Favorite flowers: Sunflowers, gerberas, cherry blossoms
  • Favorite season: Autumn
  • Favorite food: Sushi
  • Disliked food: Cilantro, pickles, wasabi
  • Favorite song: 22sai no Watashi

  • Discography[]

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    Studio Albums
    Mini Albums
    Compilation Albums
    Cover Albums
    Other Albums

    Major Singles
    Digital Singles
    Fanclub CDs

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    Solo Photobooks[]

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    Essay Books[]

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    • [2008-2009] InterFM "FIVE STARS" (on Mondays) (インターFM 「FIVE STARS」)
    • [2009-] bayfm FRIDAY NIGHT MEETING (Anata ni Aetara) (安倍なつみ「あなたに会えたら」)



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    • [2014] Ano Koro Bokura Ha Penny Lane De (あの頃僕らはペニーレインで)


    Morning Cop ~Daite HOLD ON ME!~ DVD.jpgPinch Runner.jpgTokkaekko Cover.jpg250px-Koinu Dan no Monogatari Cover.jpg

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    • [2000] Kanebo Shampoo SALA
    • [2004] Calorie Mate Jelly
    • [2006] Georgia GABA
    • [2006] Sea Cop
    • [2006-] Milk Land Hokkaido (narrator only)


    • Attended Hokkaido Noboribetsu High School (currently known as Hokkaido Noboribetsu Seiryou High School).
    • Tsuji Nozomi calls her "Nachimi." Nakazawa Yuko and Yasuda Kei sometimes call her "Natsuan." Rinne was the first person to call her "Naccho." Yaguchi Mari calls her "Nacchio."
    • Abe has credited her desire to become a singer during her time in middle school when she was feeling depressed after being bullied. She heard JUDY AND MARY's "Chiisa na Koro Kara" playing on the radio. Even now, she still has a great deal of respect for YUKI, the former lead singer of the band.
    • Abe got the name of "Natsumi" from a 1979 TV drama series called "Chotto My Way" in which Momoi Kaori played the main character named "Asai Natsumi," and Abe's mother decided to name her daughter "Natsumi."
    • As shown on ASAYAN, she originally wasn't the main vocalist for Morning Coffee. Iida Kaori was originally the main vocalist.
    • She is pretty good at table tennis.
    • She and Iida Kaori were both born in the same hospital. They share the same birthday month with only 2 days apart.
    • She is the fourth former Morning Musume member to only graduate from Morning Musume and not Hello! Project. The first being Nakazawa Yuko, the second being Goto Maki, and the third being Yasuda Kei.
    • Niigaki Risa is actually her fan.
    • She traveled to London in 2013.
    • In some episodes of Ayaka's Surprise English Lessons she managed to escape from Ayaka.
    • Her sister Abe Asami has the same given name as SI☆NA member Abe Asami.

    Total Sales Count[]

    Year Year Sales Total Sales
    2003 148,108 148,108
    2004 239,161 387,269
    2005 117,674 504,943
    2006 128,281 633,224
    2007 54,281 687,505
    2008 21,475 708,980
    2009 5,145 714,125
    2010 6,319 720,44
    2011 550 720,994
    2012 320 721,314

    Honorary Titles[]

    Honorary Titles
    Preceded by
    Leader of Morning Musume Sakura Gumi
    2003 – 2004
    Succeeded by
    Yaguchi Mari
    Preceded by
    Oldest Member of Morning Musume Sakura Gumi
    2003 – 2004
    Succeeded by
    Yaguchi Mari


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