Note: The song "Time Capsule" should not be confused with the ℃-ute song of the same name that can be found on the album Cutie Queen VOL.1

a piece of Romance
Mini Album by Noto Arisa
Released December 12, 2010
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Recorded 2010
Noto Arisa Albums Chronology
Previous innocent as a BABY 3rd Album (2010)
Next Hello, Little Monsters 5th Album (2013)

a piece of Romance is the fourth mini-album by Noto Arisa. It was released on December 12, 2010.

Noto co-produced the release and wrote all lyrics. The mini-album was exclusive to the Hello! Project official shop in Shibuya and online at the STUDIO CUBE web shop; therefore, it was not counted on the Oricon charts.


能登有沙/タイムカプセル Short ver

能登有沙/タイムカプセル Short ver.

Time Capsule (MV)

  1. Sekai de Hitotsu no (世界でひとつの; Only one in the World)
  2. Wonderland wa Sugu Soko ni!! (ワンダーランドはすぐそこに!!)
  3. Mayoi no Mori (迷いの森; Forest of Hesitation)
  4. Konbini no Oniisan ni Hatsu Date wo Kokoromiru Uta (コンビニのお兄さんに初デェトを試みる歌; The Song of Trying to go on a First Date with The Convenient Store's Older Brother)
  5. Time Capsule (タイムカプセル)
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