ASAYAN, also known as Asakusabashi Young Yohinten was a talent search show which aired on TV Tokyo from 1995 to 2002. Many Hello! Project groups and members were discovered through ASAYAN auditions produced by Tsunku, with the most memorable being Morning Musume.



  • Ninety Nine (ナインティナイン)
    • Okamura Takashi (岡村隆史)
    • Yabe Hiroyuki (矢部浩之)
  • Nagasaku Hiromi (永作博美) (from 1995 to September 1998)
  • Nakayama Emiri (中山エミリ/中山亜微梨) (from January 1999 to 2002)


  • Kabira Jiei (川平慈英) (from 1995 to April 1998)
  • Matsuo Takashi (松尾貴史) (from 1999 to April 2001)
  • Yamada Hisashi (やまだひさし) (from April 2001 to 2002)

Hello! Project Auditions aired on ASAYAN Edit

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