Asami konno photobook
Regular Edition
Solo Photobook by Konno Asami
Released August 24, 2004
Publisher Wani Books
Photographer Tetsuya Arai
Konno Asami Publications Chronology
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ASAMI KONNO is the first solo photobook released by Konno Asami. The photobook was published by Wani Books on August 24, 2004 and also came with a Making-of DVD. The photography was done by Tetsuya Arai.


Photobook TitleEdit

The title of the photobook is Konno Asami's name with her first name put first.

Photobook ContentEdit

The photobook shows us the many neat and honorable sides of Konno. The photobook is said to show us her "healing" power. The pictures are shot at many different fun angles to show Konno's freshness. It contains many pictures of her in her school uniforms and other youthful clothes. This is also the first photobook she released upon joining Morning Musume.

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