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ANGERME no Kekkyoku wa LOVE desho!! (アンジュルムの結局はLOVEでしょ!!) was a one-episode television special starring the ANGERME members aired on September 26, 2020 through TV Asahi Channel 1. It was personally produced by ANGERME sub-leader Kawamura Ayano as her prize for winning MVP at the Hello! Project presents... "Solo Fes!".[1][2]

From August 26 to September 3, 2020, TV Asahi Channel 1 accepted ANGERME or S/mileage song requests from fans for the members to sing on the show.[3][4]

Kawamura decided to produce a show with a "summer festival" concept, where the members could play festival games while wearing yukata. There was also a mini live corner where the group performed a medley of songs chosen by Kawamura. [5][6][7]

Live Setlist[]

  1. Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urbancho
  2. aMa no Jaku
  3. Koibito wa Kokoro no Ouendan
  4. Marionette 37°C
  5. Asu wa Date na no ni, Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai
  6. Samui ne.
  7. Mou Ippo
  8. Doushiyou
  9. Kagiriaru Moment
  10. Suki-chan
  11. Panya-san no Arbeit
  12. 46okunen LOVE



  • Oota Haruka did not participate in the show due to her activities within ANGERME being temporarily suspended for rule violations since February 28, 2020.[8]
  • The show's title is a reference to the lyrics of ANGERME's 2018 song, "46okunen LOVE".




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