ANGERME 2nd generation promoting the event

ANGERME Nakanishi Kana・Takeuchi Akari・Katsuta Rina・Tamura Meimi FC Event ~Amerika Party☆Quad◯◯◯◯2016 Haru~ (アンジュルム 中西香菜・竹内朱莉・勝田里奈・田村芽実FCイベント ~アメリカパーティー☆クワッド◯◯◯◯2016春~) is a fanclub event featuring the 2nd generation members of ANGERME. Two events took place on March 23, 2016 at IMA HALL.

The event featured a talk, games, and a live.

The deadline to pre-order the fanclub-exclusive DVD is on May 30, 2016.


  1. MC
  2. dearest... - Tamura Meimi (with other members providing special effects)
  3. Love & Pea~ce! HERO ga Yattekita.
  4. Koko ni Iruzee!

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Event ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Event Starts
3/23 IMA Hall Tokyo 17:00 17:30
19:00 19:30


  • "Amerika" is an acronym/nickname for the ANGERME 2nd generation created by taking the first syllable of each member's given name: Akari, Meimi, Rina, Kana.



  • Nakanishi Kana
  • Takeuchi Akari
  • Katsuta Rina
  • Tamura Meimi

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