ANGERME Kamikokuryo Moe WEB Talk "Kamiko Biyori (Kari)"
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DVD Cover
DVD by Kamikokuryo Moe
Native title アンジュルム 上國料萌衣 WEBトーク『かみこ日和(仮)』
Released November 2017
Format DVD
Recorded 2017
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ANGERME Kamikokuryo Moe WEB Talk "Kamiko Biyori (Kari)" (アンジュルム 上國料萌衣 WEBトーク『かみこ日和(仮)』; pronounced ANGERME Kamikokuryo Moe WEB Talk Kamiko Biyori Kakko Kari), is a fanclub-exclusive DVD by Kamikokuryo Moe. It features volumes 1 through 47 of her fanclub-exclusive web talk show Kamiko Biyori (Kari).

The deadline to pre-order the DVD was on September 28, 2017[1] and it was released in late November 2017.[2]

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