ANGERME First Concert Tour 2015 Aki "Hyakka Ryouran"
ANGERME Concert Tour
Native title アンジュルム ファーストコンサートツアー2015秋『百花繚乱』
Opening Date November 14, 2015
Closing Date November 29, 2015
ANGERME Concert Tours Chronology
Previous ANGERME Live Tour 2015 SUMMER / AUTUMN ~FIGHTING NINE~ Summer/Autumn 2015 Live Tour

ANGERME First Concert Tour 2015 Aki "Hyakka Ryouran" (アンジュルム ファーストコンサートツアー2015秋『百花繚乱』) is ANGERME's 2015 fall concert hall tour.

The regular tour will run from November 14 through 21, then finishing on November 29 with ANGERME First Concert Tour 2015 Aki "Hyakka Ryouran" ~Fukuda Kanon Sotsugyou Special~ (アンジュルム ファーストコンサートツアー 2015秋 『百花繚乱』 〜福田花音卒業スペシャル〜) where 1st Generation member Fukuda Kanon will graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project.

Featured Members

Concert Schedule

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Curtain
November 14 Sun City Koshigaya Saitama 17:30 18:30
November 20 Nagoyashi Koukaidou Aichi 17:30 18:00
November 21 NHK Osaka Hall Osaka 14:00 15:00
17:30 18:30
November 29 Nippon Budokan Tokyo 17:00 18:00

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