ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.7
DVD Magazine by ANGERME
Native title アンジュルム DVD Magazine Vol.7
Released September 24, 2016
Length 57 min.
ANGERME DVD Magazines Chronology
Previous ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.6 (2016)
Next ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.8 (2016)

ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.7 is a DVD magazine by ANGERME. It was released on September 24, 2016 as merchandise for the ANGERME Live Tour 2016 Aki ~Kizuna~.


ANGERME has been reborn as nine members! In this DVD magazine, the group wants Kasahara Momona to feel welcome and at home by planning an "ANGEROOM". However, they must use a conference room, meaning they have to start small and work hard towards it.

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