ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.20
DVD Magazine by ANGERME
Native title アンジュルム DVD Magazine Vol.20
Released April 6, 2019
Length 73 min.
ANGERME DVD Magazines Chronology
Previous ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.19 (2018)
Next ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.21 (2019)

ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.20 is a DVD magazine by ANGERME. It was released on April 6, 2019 as merchandise for ANGERME Concert Tour 2019 Haru ~Rinnetenshou~.

It features a digest and off-shot footage of the second half of the ANGERME Live Tour 2018 Aki Denkousekka. Plenty of footage of the popular "Denkousekka Questions" (電光石火クエスチョン; Lightning Speed Questions) from the previous volume is also included.

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