ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.17
DVD Magazine by ANGERME
Native title アンジュルム DVD Magazine Vol.17
Released April 7, 2018
Length 72 min.
ANGERME DVD Magazines Chronology
Previous ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.16 (2018)
Next ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.18 (2018)

Back cover

ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol.17 is a DVD magazine by ANGERME. It was released on April 7, 2018 as merchandise at the ANGERME Concert Tour 2018 Haru Juunin Toiro + venue and through e-LineUP!Mall.[1]


ANGERME is split into two teams and they face off at the sports entertainment center Fun Sports! The DVD is full of candid reactions, good plays, and unusual plays. What will the results be?!

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