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The following is a list of auditions held for the J-pop group ANGERME  (formerly S/mileage).


Audition Title Broadcast On Requirements Total Applicants Audition Song Result
S/mileage Shin Member Boshuu!
(2nd Generation)
TV Tokyo (Hello Pro! TIME) Female, Aged 12 - 18 2,000+ Auditionees Voice and Dance: Uchouten LOVE (S/mileage) LightBlue Colorball.png Nakanishi Kana
Orange Colorball.png Kosuga Fuyuka
Red Colorball.png Takeuchi Akari
Yellow Colorball.png Katsuta Rina
Green Colorball.png Tamura Meimi
2015 ANGERME Shin Member Audition
(4th Generation)
Hello! Project Station Female, Aged 10 - 17 1,800+ Auditionees Voice and Dance: N/A AquaBlue Colorball.png Kamikokuryo Moe
ANGERME ONLY ONE Audition ~Watashi wo Tsukuru no wa Watashi~
(9th Generation)
Hello Dream. (post-audition), Upcoming Female, Aged 11 - 18 4,000+ Auditionees Group Performance: Mirror Mirror
Solo Performance: Kagiriaru Moment
Green Colorball.png Kawana Rin
Pink Colorball.png Tamenaga Shion
White Colorball.png Matsumoto Wakana