ANGERME "Mexico Kouen"
Promotional Poster
ANGERME Concert Tour
Native title アンジュルム「メキシコ公演」
Event Date September 7, 2019
ANGERME Concert Tours Chronology
Previous Rinnetenshou 2019 Spring Concert Tour

ANGERME "Mexico Kouen" (アンジュルム「メキシコ公演」) (provisional title) is ANGERME's first concert in Mexico. It will be held on September 7, 2019.[1]

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Concert ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Location Doors Open Concert Starts
9/7 SALA PUEBLA Mexico City, Mexico 16:00 (VIP)
17:00 (General)


  • This is the 7th generation's first concert overseas.
  • Although Wada Ayaka would not be in the concert due to her graduating in the spring, a group photo including her was used in the first promotional image for the concert.


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