Not to be confused with the Uemura Akari's solo image Blu-ray Akari.
Pb akari press

Uemura Akari promoting the PB at the release event

AKARI is is the first solo photobook by Uemura Akari. It was released by Wani Books on October 29, 2015.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Reaching Oricon #1 for the first time 2 years after the debut and also releasing their first album this year, Hello! Project's group Juice=Juice stands in a year full of momentum. Now their youngest member, Uemura Akari, releases her long awaited first photobook.

For the first time in Okinawa, for the first time in a swimsuit. This is a book of first-times. Despite her mature body of a 16 year old, her innocent gestures and smiles and childishness leave the watcher defenseless. Full of girlyness but peculiarly boldness and delicacy, the first time is the best time.

The Uemura Akari of the moment, please witness!"[1]

Photobook PreviewEdit


  • A release event for this photobook was held on October 26, 2015.[2]
  • The release had been delayed due to product defects. The original release date was supposed to be October 24.[3]
  • During the release event Uemura said she initially didn't want to do swimsuit or bikini shots but the producers talked her into it.
  • The making of the photobook is included in Uemura's first solo Blu-ray Akari.


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