2002 was the year when Hello! Project Kids joined Hello! Project, Satoda Mai joined Country Musume, Sheki-Dol disbanded, Lehua graduated from Coconuts Musume and Hello! Project, Ishii Rika and Heike Michiyo graduated from Hello! Project, Toda Rinne graduated from Country Musume and Hello! Project and Goto Maki graduated from Morning Musume

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Singles[edit | edit source]

Morning Musume - Souda! We're ALIVE (#1 on Oricon)

Gomattou's only single SHALL WE LOVE? debuted at #1 on Oricon

Albums[edit | edit source]

4th "Ikimasshoi!", Morning Musume's first studio album to reach #1 on Oricon

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Others[edit | edit source]

1992 ・・ 200120022003 ・・ 2012
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