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2000 was the year in which Ishiguro Aya and Ichii Sayaka graduated Morning Musume and Hello! Project; the 4th generation joined Morning Musume; Maeda Yuki and Matsuura Aya joined Hello! Project; Miyoshi Chinatsu left Hello! Project; Sheki-Dol and Minimoni were formed; T&C Bomber disbanded; Chelsea and April left Coconuts Musume; and Lehua joined Coconuts Musume.




Morning Musume's #1 single Happy Summer Wedding

Petitmoni's double A-side Seishun Jidai 1.2.3! / Bicycle Daiseikou! ranked at #1 on Oricon


This compilation, Petit Best ~Ki Ao Aka~, was the first H!P album to reach #1 on Oricon


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