Solo Photobook by Takahashi Ai
Released January 27, 2006
Publisher Wani Books
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19 is Takahashi Ai's 5th photobook. It was released on January 27, 2006. 

Photobook DescriptionEdit

Takahashi Ai takes on a subtle image of a girl on the edge of becoming someone's sweetheart. On location in Okinawa, Tokyo and Yokohama, her challenges are mature facial expressions and poses. Black, white and red sets of bikini's, tight black knit clothing, wet hair and a suggestive posture will be seen. It all makes up for a bit of a sexy photobook which will catch many a man's eye. Lot of scenes with a never-before-seen Takahashi Ai! A DVD with making-of scenes will be included.[1]

Photobook Preview Edit


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