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11WATER was one of the Hello! Project shuffle groups from 2003, alongside SALT5 and 7AIR.



11WATER was one of the three shuffle units created in 2003 and was made up of members from Morning Musume, Melon Kinenbi, Country Musume and Coconuts Musume.

The group was made for the purpose of recording a song to be released along with the other 2003 shuffle unit works on a combined single. 11WATER's song was titled BE ALL RIGHT! and was a Ska-style pop song. The other 2003 shuffle units were the rappers; SALT5, and the R&B singers; 7AIR, who released the songs "Get Up! Rapper" and "Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no". Their song was the most typical Hello! Project song of the shuffle groups songs of the year. The song was very upbeat and beared some similarity to the Morning Musume song "Koko ni Iruzee!".

The song was later covered by the Hello! Project subgroup, Minimoni. The song appeared on the groups second album, MiniMoni Songs 2. Mika Todd and Kimura Ayaka sang it together at Mika's final Hello! Project performance.



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