"Ken & Mary no Merikenko On Stage!" Original Cast Ban
Soundtrack Album by Goto Maki
Native title けん&メリーのメリケン粉オンステージ!」オリジナルキャスト盤
Released March 5, 2003
Format CD
Recorded 2003
Length 30:02
Goto Maki Albums Chronology
Previous Makking GOLD 1 1st album (2003)
Next 2 Paint It Gold 2nd album (2004)

"Ken & Mary no Merikenko On Stage!" Original Cast Ban (「けん&メリーのメリケン粉オンステージ!」オリジナルキャスト盤; "Ken & Mary’s Flour On Stage!" Original Cast Record) is a special compilation album that compiles songs from the 1960s, performed by several Hello! Project members (as well as several other actors and actresses from outside of Hello! Project) in the musical "Ken & Mary no Merikenko On Stage!".

The album was released on March 5, 2003. It peaked at #59 on the Oricon weekly charts and sold a total of 6,759 copies.


  1. Sans Toi Ma Mie (Musical version) (サン・トワ・マミー(ミュージカルVersion,; Without You, My Dear)) (Salvatore Adamo cover) - by Goto Maki
  2. Kimi to Itsumademo (君といつまでも; Always With You) (Yuzo Kayama cover) - by Goto Maki
  3. Koi no Twist & Wacchaina Town (恋のツイスト&笑っちゃいなタウン; Twist & Laughing Town of Love) - by Goto Maki, Kouno Tomoyuki, Hiranuma Nomihisa, Yuji, Shu-110
  1. Please Don't Cry! (Musical Version) (プリーズ ドント クライ! (ミュージカル)) - by Inaba Atsuko, Mika Todd, Satoda Mai, Goto Maki
  1. A Hard Age Nippon! (A HARD AGE 日本!; A Hard Age Japan!) - by Mika Todd, Satoda Mai, Kimura Ayaka, Kimura Asami
  1. I Love Senpai (I LOVE 先輩) - by Goto Maki
  1. Klatt Kichau na! (クラッときちゃうな!; NA) - by Goto Maki, Inaba Atsuko, Nagae Kenji
  1. Saida Ikka no Uta (西田一家の歌; Song of the Nishida Family) - by Inaba Atsuko, Nagae Kenji, Kouno Tomoyuki
  1. Yokan (予感; Premonition) - by Goto Maki, Inaba Atsuko
  1. Help (HELP) - by Goto Maki
  1. Dadan Dadan (ダダンダダン) - by Kimura Ayaka, Kimura Asami, Mitsubara Maki, Fujita Mikako, Yamamoto (山素)
  1. Suki (好き; I Love You) - by Goto Maki
  1. A Hard Age Nippon! (Encore Version) (A HARD AGE 日本! (アンコールVersion)) - by All
  1. Please Don't Cry! (プリーズ ドント クライ!) - by The Love Monkeys
  1. Klatt Kichau na! (Ukiuki Version) (クラッときちゃうな! (ウキウキVersion)) - by Goto Maki
  1. Yokan (Shiawase Version) (予感 (幸せVersion); Premonition (Happy Version)) - by Goto Maki
  1. Please Don't Cry ! (Orugoru Version) (プリーズ ドント クライ! (オルゴールVersion); Please Don't Cry ! Music Box Version) - by Goto Maki
  1. Suki (Shitsuren Version) (好き (失恋Version); I Love You (Heartbroken Version)) - by Goto Maki
  1. Sans Toi Ma Mie (Ending Version) (サン・トワ・マミー (エンディングVersion)) - by Goto Maki

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  • Track #1 and track #2 of the album were previously released on Goto's double A-side single Sans Toi Ma Mie / Kimi to Itsumademo.
  • Track #4, Please Don't Cry! (Musical Version), is also available on the limited Hawaiian release Hello! Project Best 3.
  • The songs vary greatly in length, Yokan is 33 seconds and Please Don't Cry is 2 mins and 37 sec.[1]

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