JoshuaJSlone JoshuaJSlone 2014年8月21日 (木)


So hey, welcome to ハロー!プロジェクト Wiki! And that is the first thing I will start with. I wasn't sure whether to go with the katakana like that, make Wiki katakana as well, or just use Hello! Project Wiki. After all, the official H!P logo just uses Hello! Project. But at a glance it seemed like katakana + Wiki was a bit of a norm for J Wikia names, so I went with that. Still not 100% about it, though, and it's possible to be changed.

Most page section names and infobox section names I took from J Wikipedia. Occasionally Google Translate was brought into play. I tried then searching for real-world uses of the translated phrase to see if I was being lied to. Still, it's possible something bad has gotten through--if you know better, pleae say so.