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  • Hey Rika-chan. I've copied over the Member Infobox template to the French wiki, along with the various other templates that get used within it like Zodiac, AgeinYMD, etc. Since I got it to the point of actually working properly in English, I'm now working at changing it into French form. I'm going to give a list of changes I've made; can you tell me if there are any which should be different? I resorted to Google a lot so I expect it will have some weird things.

    Background Information -> Informations d'Arrière-Plan

    Birth Name -> Nom de Naissance

    Stage Name -> Nom de Scène

    Also Known As -> Aussi Connu Sous le Nom

    Former Names -> Anciens Noms

    Born -> Date de Naissance

    Birthplace -> Lieu de Naissance

    Origin -> Origine

    Died -> Date de Décès

    Blood Type -> Groupe Sanguin

    Zodiac Sign -> Signe du Zodiaque

    Height -> Hauteur

    Shoe Size -> Pointure

    Genre -> Genre

    Occupation -> Occupation

    Years Active -> Années Actives

    Agency -> Agence

    Label -> Label

    Associated Acts -> Actes Associés

    Sub-Units -> Sous-Unités

    Website -> Site Web

    Blog -> Blog

    (Group) Information -> Informations de (Group) --Even if this one is right, I'll also need to make it work properly for groups starting with vowels like ANGERME.

    Joined -> Rejoint

    Generation -> Génération

    Member Color -> Couleur Membres

    Graduated -> Diplômé

    Left -> Quitté

    Time in Group -> Temps dans le Groupe

    Month names and Zodiac signs were simple to find lists for and change. There will some other stuff, but I think that's plenty for this message.

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    • Got it, thanks.

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    • welcome :)

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  • Bonjour et bienvenue sur Hello! Project Wiki ! Merci d’avoir modifié la page Translating Member Infobox.

    Tu peux me laisser un message si je peux t’aider pour quoi que ce soit !

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