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  • I live in Denmark
  • I was born on januar 3
  • My occupation is Graphic Design Student
  • I am Female
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  • I've been working on the Tsubaki Factory single pages and for the most recent one I've done, there were 3 additional categories on the english wiki. It was Theme Songs, Highest Selling Single and Highest Ranking Single.

    I've translated it as this but I want some verification that its correct before I use it first.

    • Theme Song -> Temasange
    • Highest Selling Single -> Størst sælgende enkelt
    • Highest Ranking Single -> Enkelt med højeste placering
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    • Everything looks fine except the last one is "Samarbejds Single", but you were close. :)

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    • Ok I'll update with that

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  • I went ahead and started this place up. I set you as fellow Bureaucrat and Admin, so in addition to all the admin functions, you also have the capability of setting other people as admins.

    I've already put in a request here so this will be properly counted as one of the connected H!P Wiki languages, which will allow the links to and from here in the "Languages" section seen at the bottom of a lot of pages. Another thing I'll request once that's taken care of is for the files to be shared with the English wiki--this allows images/videos/sounds/whatever that have been uploaded there to be used here without needing to be uploaded again, which obviously makes things a lot simpler.

    My day is about over, but tomorrow I will do some stuff like copying over frequently-used templates, since that's something that isn't able to be shared between different versions of the wiki.

    I don't know if you've ever had admin capabilities on a wiki before, but just ask if you're curious about something.

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    • Alright:

      • Daily & Weekly Ranking -> Daglig og Ugentlig Placering
      • Month Rank -> Måneds Rang
      • Monthly Ranking -> Månedlig Placering
      • Week Rank -> Uge Rang (Like you wrote.)

      About the names, I think we can keep them since the terms used are pretty international at this point. 

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    • Ok that makes sense. I will do that when updating the templates.

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