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  • Hello Joshua,

    I sarted out with Fukumura's page and the infobox has a lot of dead ends. I hope the templates are easy enough to get over, I can help with the translation of zodiac signs etc.

    I just wanted to let you know that we still need thoose. :)

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    • OK, yeah, I knew there'd be more to deal with once that started being used. :) Though looking at her page now, even more than I expected! Here are ones that got changed or need more change.

      • Skabelon:Nihongo works, but the little question mark link it creates goes to a help page on English Wikipedia. It doesn't look like that page has an exact equivalent on Danish Wikipedia, so I didn't change it. It doesn't even need to be on Wikipedia, but anyway some other place to link to might be good.
      • Skabelon:Birth date and age and Skabelon:MONTHNAME that it makes use of I changed month names, date format, giving år with age. Birth date and age adds two categories which will need modified. The first one is for years (1996 Births) and the second is for months (October Births).
      • Skabelon:Residence links to Wikipedia articles for their birth locations, which I've switched to using Danish Wikipedia. It also adds another category which will need modified, current format like "Members from Tokyo".
      • Skabelon:Zodiac I changed the sign names, since it was easy to find the list and I was changing month names within the template anyway.
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    • Got it!  I think I fixed what needed fixing now. :)

      There's a Danish wikipedia page for the Japanese language in general, I think that maybe that's the closests page around. (

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    • All looks good. 👍

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  • Hej, det glæder os at have Hello! Project Wikia som en del af Wikia fællesskabet!

    Der er stadig meget, der skal gøres og her er værdifulde tips og henvisninger til at få dig i gang:

    Alle de ovenstående henvisninger er gode steder at starte udforskningen og få del i alt det sjove.

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