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  • I live in West coast USA
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am Female
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  • On English wiki we have some ShowHide code among our other JavaScript things. It's been that way for years, but since then it's been made a default feature that works almost the same way so it's not really necessary--but it does require a little change when copying things over.

    Here's the edit I've just made to the C-ute template. The slight change in the class is enough to make it collapsible, the rest just chooses what text it uses for showing/hiding.

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    • Thanks for that, I wasn't sure on how to make it collapse I figured I was probably missing something

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    • While we're here, here's something else for future reference, though if you're working on C-ute stuff next it probably won't be needed soon. After doing a few of the group navigation templates I more properly started keeping track of terms that would keep coming up.

      with	                med
      and	                og
      show	                vis
      hide	                skjul
      Discography	        Diskografi
      Albums	                Albummer
      Best	                Bedste Hits
      Best Albums	        Bedste Hits Albummer
      Original	        Studio
      Original Albums	        Studioalbum
      Singles	                Singler
      Indie Singles	        Indie Singler
      Major Singles	        Major Singler
      Digital Singles	        Digital Singler
      Other Singles	        Andre Singler
      Other	                Andre
      Collaborations	        Samarbejds
      Concerts & Events       Koncerter & Begivenheder
      Concerts	        Koncerter
      Events	                Begivenheder
      Year-Long Tours	        Helårs turné
      Spring Tours	        Forårsturnéer
      Summer Tours	        Sommerturnéer
      Fall Tours	        Efterårsturnéer
      Winter Tours	        Vinterturnéer
      Overseas Concerts       I Udlandet
      One-Day Concerts	En Dag
      Summer Lives	        Sommer Lives
      Mini Lives	        Mini Lives
      Joint Concerts	        Fælleskoncerter
      Members	                Medlemmer
      Current Members	        Nuværende Medlemmer
      Former Members	        Tidligere Medlemmer
      Leader	                Leder
      Sub-leader	        Underleder
      Units & Other Groups	Enheder & Andre Grupper
      In-group Subunits	Underenheder I Gruppen
      Associated Acts	Andre   Relaterede Enheder
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    • Thanks, this will definitely be good to reference for future edits.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey I noticed that you did the other charts. I have a few things that needs translation.

    Country = Land

    Chart = Liste

    Highest Position = Højeste Position

    I'm stil not very familiar with most of the templates so I hope you can change it. :)

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  • Welcome to Team Dansk!

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    • Thanks! I figured I could help out the most with this international wiki since Danish is fairly similar to Swedish which I do understand the basic grammar of

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    • A FANDOM user
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