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  • Ahoj Pyo,

    Chtěla jsem se na něco zeptat. Na anglické wiki jsem si rozklikla Advanced Editing a takový věci, aby to tady trochu vypadalo a nějak mi to nechce fungovat. Věci jako Tmavě růžová nebo tabber tady prostě nejdou.

    A teď nevim jestli to fakt nejde nebo jsem jen antitalent a nevim jak na to XD

    Předem děkuji za pomoc

    Lenty <3

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    • Tak to je divné, protože já tam ten tabber vidím... rodeluje seznam aktivních a bývalých členek...?

      Co se týče šablon, mohla bych to zkusit, ale nevím kdy se k tomu dostanu... ale jestli chceš můžeš se zkusit zeptat Uživatel:JoshuaJSlone, to je náš expert na šablony, a jak vidíš tak se tu už v minulosti ukázal (právě v pomoci s takovými věcmi) i když česky vůbec neumí.

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    • Takže buď mám něco s počítačem nebo jsem blbá protože tam ten tabber chvilku je a chvilku není XD A ty šablony nijak nespěchají takže to nevadí pokud se k tomu nedostaneš hned

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  • Hey Pyo-kiyo. I'm bringing ANGERME up to date on non-English wikis, which means a page for Natsu Shougun, which means a page that isn't a single or album, which means some categories that haven't been used before. With Google Translate plus the format used for other kinds of releases I got "Písně ANGERME" and "Písně z roku 2018". Seem right?

    EDIT: And "Píseň" used in the infobox and introductory sentence.

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  • Hey Pyo-kiyo. You may or may not have seen the new JST clock on the English wiki, at the top right of the content area. I first set it up on the Japanese one and nobody had objections to adding it to the English one as well so there it is. It's up to you, but if you'd like to set it up here too it's a fairly easy thing to do.

    With one slight snag. It needs a bit of code to be added to MediaWiki:Common.js, and I've seen that several of the wikis (including this one) still show a message like "Custom JavaScript is disabled on this wikia." I asked Wikia support about this and it seems to be a leftover of security concerns from last year, so if you do want to add the clock you'd first need to request they reenable JavaScript here.

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    • The JST clock will be useful at English wiki, however since this one is hardly alive I think it's not necessary to add it here.

      However, I can request the reenabling of JavaScript for this wiki if there is something you would need it for.

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    • Nah, nothing else at this time.

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  • Hey Pyo-kiyo. I've been working on getting the current version of Member Infobox from the English site copied to the other language wikis, then getting it translated decently. Along with looking fancier than the default infobox, makes it easier to copy from one wiki to another and get going. Where possible I based text on examples already around here, but for other things I used Google Translate so I suspect there's quite a bit that will be off by a little or a lot. Here are the list of changes I made, so you can more easily spot them. I know some of these things are almost never actually used, but oh well.

    Background Information -> Základní informace

    Birth Name -> Rodné jméno

    Stage Name -> Pseudonym

    Also Known As -> Přezdívky

    Former Names -> Bývalí jména

    Born -> Datum narození

    Birthplace -> Místo narození

    Origin -> Původ

    Died -> Datum úmrtí

    Blood Type -> Krevní skupina

    Zodiac Sign -> Znamení zvěrokruhu

    Height -> Výška

    Shoe Size -> Velikost boty

    Genre -> Žánr

    Occupation -> Povolání

    Years Active -> Aktivní roky

    Agency -> Agentura

    Label -> Vydávací společnost

    Associated Acts -> Související

    Sub-Units -> Podskupiny

    Website -> Webová stránka

    Blog -> Blog

    (Group) Information -> (Group) Informace

    Joined -> Připojila

    Generation -> Generace

    Member Color -> Členské color

    Graduated -> Absolvent

    Left -> Opustil

    Time in Group -> Čas ve skupině

    I know in some cases (like CD Infobox) you've changed the input parameters to Czech, too. If you want to do that with this one, I have a pretty simple idea for doing that while still leaving the English ones intact for easier copying between languages.

    I've got one test case of Member Infobox up at Nakanishi Kana, which has a few more translations not included above since they're not part of the actual infobox code.

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    • Alright, here I go:

      • (Group) Information -> Členství v (Group)
      • Joined -> Datum připojení
      • Member Color -> Členská barva
      • Graduated -> Datum promoce
      • Left -> Datum odstoupení

      As for the profile pictures tabber I wondered if literary translation would not look strange so I came to decision that the best solution would probably be:

      • (Member) promoting (Single) -> (Member) - (Single)
      • Front -> Verze 1
      • Full -> Verze 2

      Well and there is also one grammer problem I noticed. The problem is with Years, Months and Days translation. When you use it for numbers 2, 3 and four it has a different ending than the rest of them. It goes like:

      • 1 rok, 2 roky, 3 roky, 4 roky, 5 let, 6 let (all following numbers use "let")
      • 1 měsíc, 2 (3,4) měsíce, 5 měsíců (etc.)
      • 1 den, 2 (3,4) dny, 5 dnů (etc.)

      And the last thing, using only "Autogram" under the autograpf is sufficient. Also, I believe it isn't necessary to change the input parameters in infoboxes. =D

      PS: If changing the template AgeinYMD in order to mantain that exception is too complicated, just feel free to leave it the way it is.

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    • OK, thanks, got those changes made.

      The years/months/days stuff was pretty easy--even the original English version already had a switch for different words to use when it 1 or anything else, so adding a section for 2/3/4 was trivial. 0 defaults to using the same word as 5 or more, is that correct?

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    • Yes, that's true.

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  • Hey Pyo-kiyo. I finally updated CD_Infobox on the Japanese wiki so it matches the style the English one has used for quite some time, with the thin colored lines rather than the older ones with the section heading backgrounds using the same color for all releases. Would you like me to do the same for the one here? Basically a matter of copying the English one and moving over all the English-to-Czech changes contained in the current version.

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    • That depends on you. If you are willing to do it I won't stop you. =D

      I am just surprised that you are dealing with those trifles. (I should rather say that you have nerves to deal with them. lol)

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    • Well, the English one has been in its current form since... October. I feel like I've been putting off forever getting these last two to match. :)

      I think I've got it taken care of; checking a few random pages it seems to be showing up properly. Some pages for current groups don't have the bit in their infobox code telling it which color to use, but I think telling the bot to paste that in shouldn't be a problem.

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  • Hey Pyo-kiyo, I don't know if you've seen this thread at the English wiki, but I was talking about removing most of the "recorded" (or here "nahráno") values from singles' infoboxes because they're mostly worthless. I wanted to see what you thought about this before doing anything about it here, though.

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  • Hey Pyo-kiyo, JoshuaJSlone currently logged in as Robo Kiss since I'm doing botty things. Another category language question for you. Looking for the proper wording for the "Releases" categories. English has "2004 Releases" that contains "2004 Albums", "2004 Singles", etc. French has "Sorties de 2004" and Italian has "Rilasci del 2004". So here, what would "Singly z roku 2004" and "Alba z roku 2004" both go into?

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  • Hey Pyo-kiyo. For the most part I've stuck to category types already established here. Things like "Singly Morning Musume", "Singly z roku 2003", and "Sestava 12 členek". When working on Italian/French wikis where less is established or there isn't much admin presence I've also been including DVD categories where appropriate, both of the "2003 DVDs" and "Morning Musume DVDs" type. Should I start using them here too, and if so what would be the proper Czech-style plural for DVD be in the category names?

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    • Of course, feel free to use them. In written form both the singular and plural for DVD are the same.

      Sorry for not being active recently, we currently have a period of time when we write lot of tests at school since the first half of school year ends in January so I'm quite bussy.

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    • Thanks. And don't worry about it; have to have priorities.

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  • Hey Pyo-kiyo. It's been an eventful few weeks of interlanguage wiki stuff, but I'll cut to the things that might affect you.

    1. I learned of a new "Community Apps" thing Wikia is doing, where they release Android/iOS apps designed around specific communities. It seems like any wiki can turn this function on, but it's not all automatic so I don't know how the powers that be at Wikia decide priorities and so how long it could actually take to see a "Wikia: Hello! Project" app appear. I did notice the apps let you switch between multiple languages if that language has things set up, so as local admin that might be something you want to check out sometime. Right now I've just messed with it a little on the French and Japanese wikis, setting up two very simple navigation items, Groups with groups under that, and Releases with singles/albums/DVDs under that. If/when they get around to setting this app up, whatever changes admins make should be automatically reflected. You can read a bit more about it here where I was talking about this with WonderBuono!

    2. Since setting up pages on wikis of multiple languages also means getting the files set up, I was trying to find a quicker or more automated way to do that. While I did learn of some tools that make mass uploading easier, I learned of something even better--it's possible for Wikia to set up what they call a "Shared Image Repository", which in short means now all the non-English H!P Wikis can directly use the images from English H!P Wiki without having to upload them locally. If file names here and there match, the local one will take precedence. Unfortunately videos are not stored the same way, so they still need to be set up at each wiki.

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    • Though I was told video sharing doesn't work, I was just testing it now and it seems to--just slightly differently. The main thing is it needs to be placed on a page before it will work, so you can't just link to the File: page locally (or Soubor: page here) and have it work. But it's not like that was happening anyway.

      You might also notice I made a change to the front page. As of now, all of the H!P Wiki languages are pointing to the same images, which are actually redirects at the English wiki. So when the redirect is modified there, the image will change everywhere.

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  • I mentioned that I had an idea going for working on pages for multiple languages at once. I've started on that, and here's my blog entry at the English site about it. The first page done this way was Atarashii Watashi ni Nare! / Yattaruchan, with 90% of the work shared between it and its French counterpart.

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    • I started looking for the proper terms to use for "Double A-Side Single" and "Triple A-Side Single" categories outside of English, but it seems these borrowed English terms are commonly used? Search results at Czech Wikipedia. So far I've also seen it used in French and Italian. You haven't gotten to the later Morning Musume singles yet so I can't check for the precedent. Anyway, I'll start using the category "Double A-side singl" for now, but we can easily change it later if need be.

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